Eyes are your window to the world.  Despite the small size, the eye has a very complex anatomy that takes in lots of information in form of light which hits the retina at the back of the eye. The light is then converted to electrical signals which travel through the optic nerve to the brain which converts the signals into images. 

There are certain clinical manifestations that serve as indicators for your general health which can be observed in the eyes.  It can be blurred vision which indicates diabetes or yellowness of the sclera which is known as jaundice and can be a warning sign of various conditions. Below are ways in which we could be damaging our eyes without even knowing it. 

•Eye Makeup.  

The mucous membrane that lines the eyelids plays an important role in absorption of nutrients. New research findings indicate that the membrane also absorbs harmful chemicals from the products used most of which are endocrine disruptors which can predispose to cancer. 

A good example of these chemicals is Parabens which is used as a preservative in cosmetic products. However new trends are coming up and there are ‘’clean’’ products being manufactured free of the harmful chemicals. 

•The sun, UV light and your eyes.

Sunlight can really take a heavy toll on your eyes. From blindness, excessive tearing and even sunburned eyes (Photo keratitis). UV rays can affect the cornea, conjunctiva, lens or the retina. The eye damage caused can be temporary and resolve in about 48 hours or lead to long term effects such as Age related macular degeneration or cancer of the eyelid. Protection is key. Wearing sunglasses during summer holidays and goggles when swimming go a long way into protecting your eyes. 


Smoking predisposes to heart diseases and lung cancer, however it is also plays a huge role in eye conditions and vision loss. It affects central vision which is what enables you to perform tasks such as reading or driving. This condition is termed as Macular Degeneration. Smoking also increases risk of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and Uveitis.  Smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of infant eye disorders such as under development of the optic nerve, strabismus and retinopathy of prematurity. The only remedy to this is to quit smoking!

•Missing your annual eye check. 

Normally we go for dental checkups and overall health checks, but we forget to get an eye exam. Annual eye exams are recommended for both adults and children from 5 years onwards. Most importantly if you are suffering from any underlying infections like diabetes, eye checks are vital for your eye health. An eye exam will not take longer than 30 minutes, so book your appointment today on 

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