World Toothache Day

The 9th of February is set aside to highlight the importance of practicing  proper dental hygiene. Toothaches, as the name suggests, are the unpleasant sensations originating from one or more teeth, caused by a variety of reasons. 

Some common causes of toothaches include: tooth decay, abscesses in teeth caused by bacterial infection, tooth fracture or breakage, damage to a filling, grinding teeth, over chewing, gum infections, eruption of new teeth etc.

Symptoms of this illness range from benign, such as sharp, throbbing pain that may be constant or on application of pressure onto the affected tooth or teeth. This may be accompanied by swelling around the tooth, emergence of sour tasting pus from the tooth or bad odor from the mouth. 

Extremely severe symptoms include difficulty breathing and swallowing and requires immediate attention from a dental professional. 

Toothaches are a very common occurrence and can make life miserable, making it difficult to eat, sleep, or sometimes even talk. It is safe to say, toothaches are not pleasant and not really something to celebrate. Here are some ways we can prevent them from occurring altogether. 

Routine dental care is an essential step. Avoiding acidic drinks and sugary foods accompanied by daily brushing and flossing is important as well . Even so, we can still end up developing cavities, having accidents that break or chip at a tooth, or find ourselves with an infection. Our teeth can also be extremely sensitive to heat or cold. Treating a toothache in the short term can be simply handled by over-the-counter treatments. However,  seeing a dentist may still be required to resolve the issue. As mentioned above, some toothaches are so severe as to require emergency intervention, thus treating the early signs of a mild toothache is an extremely important step to maintaining the perfect smile. 

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