World Pharmacist Day

Ill health is one of the most undesirable states yet it is not completely avoidable. Once in a while we find ourselves in that space where we need care, and depending on the physician’s assessment, we may take some medication as advised.  

In most cases if not all, we are clueless on what goes into making a pill, or even how it will work to get us back to our normative state. Nonetheless we take it. The confidence to take a poison albeit in a measure is rooted in the fact that we trust whoever is giving it to us. We believe they not only know how it is put together, but that also out of the thousands of pills on the shelves, the one they picked is the right one.  

Trust abused or exploited in this space has had dire consequences. From counterfeit medicines, to substandard products and even half-baked instructions on how to exactly use medicines are some of the many injustices that thrive on a broken system. The sword of “mistrust” is at times waged by our very selves, when we demand what we know not based on the fact we can pay for it, or our previous illnesses. While self-medication may at times look like a quick and convenient win, it is a poisoned chalice that harms many. 

Over a century ago, on the 25th of September 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) was established. It set out to improve health by advancing pharmacy practice globally. This day has been annually commemorated as the World’s Pharmacists Day. 

Poisons become medicines when pharmaceutical expertise is added. This year’s world pharmacist day is themed “Pharmacy: Always Trusted for your Health.” The high calling of being there for our fellow human in their vulnerable states demands nothing but the best of care. Always awake to the need to deliver not just care, but optimally safe care. Adhering to best standards that guarantee rightful outcomes is key, remembering that it takes more than pills in a hand to eliminate an illness.  

Our pharmacists within the Ponea platform commit to nothing but the best care for our patients. We appreciate the integral role that safe pharmaceutical care plays in guaranteeing good clinical outcomes. We are cognizant of the trust bestowed upon us by you who come to us for care. We daily do what must be done to guarantee safe access to medicines, non-pharmaceuticals and health technologies. We have invested and continue to invest in systems and technologies that assure the best of care for the patient with the rightful products. 

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